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 Judge Marilyn C. Castle, Division L


Warrant Recalls

To have a bench or fugitive warrant recalled, use our Warrant Recall Request Form instead of calling our office. Requests will be reviewed at least once per day, and you will be notified of the status of your request at the telephone number you provide. Calling our office will not speed up the recall process.

Criminal Proceedings
Arraignments are handled by the Commissioner. At arraignment, every defendant is served with a pretrial date. If motions are to be heard, they should be filed and fixed for hearing on the assigned pretrial date. If a plea agreement is reached between the State and a defendant, it may be entered on the pretrial date.

Trial Fixing
All criminal cases are set for trial in open court on pretrial dates.

Plea Bargains

The Court does not accept any plea bargains with agreed sentences on the trial date. Anyone entering a plea on the trial date must plead subject to a presentence investigation, with no promise as to sentence or cap on sentence.

The latest date a defendant can accept a plea bargain is the Thursday plea day immediately preceding his/her trial date, at 1:30 P.M. If a defendant wishes to enter into a plea bargain offered by the District Attorney, he/she MUST COME TO COURT ON THAT THURSDAY. The Defendant or his attorney must also advise the Assistant District Attorney in charge of the case, in advance of the plea date, that a plea will be entered on the plea Thursday.

Plea dates can be found on on our Dates-Dockets page.

Simultaneous Challenges

In accordance with the 15th Judicial District Court's Appendix 19 to Rule 19 of the Louisiana District Court Rules and Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedure art. 788, Judge Castle orders the simultaneous exercise of peremptory challenges.

Jury Instructions
Download standard criminal jury instructions.


Trial Fixing

No conference is required in order to set matters for trial. Judge Castle's bench trial and jury trial dates are available online
. Both parties should review the calendar, select a date, and then request that date from the Clerk. After a trial date is requested, the Clerk shall issue a scheduling order form, which sets forth the deadlines for discovery, motions, amendment of pleadings, etc. Remember that in accordance with Local Rule 9.14, no motion to fix for trial may be made or filed until 120 days after issue has been joined (with all parties).

Jury Instructions
Download standard civil jury instructions.
Download medical malpractice jury instructions.

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